Depending on ingredients, each loaf weighs approximately 670-700g

White Tin £3.50 Perfect for sandwiches
White Boule £3.50 Great for a Ploughmans. A classy, crispy crust
Wholemeal £3.60 Contains 40% white flour for a lighter crumb
Maltstar £3.70 A malted flour loaf with seeds and grains (Sunflower, Pumpkin,Hemp,
Sesame, Poppy, Brown & Golden Linseed. May also contain Soya Bean)
Tiger Loaf £3.70 Contains Sesame oil
Rye Loaf £3.00 A very dense loaf that is excellent with smoked salmon or sharp cheese
and sweet pickle. Marvellous for canapes
White Rolls £0.60 £3.50 for 6
Wholemeal £0.65 £3.70 for 6
Maltstar £0.70 May contain Sesame
Large Burger £0.70 £4.00 for 6
Pain Rustique £4.00 A hybrid Sourdough containing both natural levain and a small amount of fresh/dried yeast.
Sourdough £4.50 A pure sourdough using natural levain only.
Pain de Mie £3.50/£7 The ultimate bread for making toasted sandwiches or do as the French do - Croque Monsieur!
It’s a large loaf which I also sell in halves. Buy and share with a friend.
Challah £3.50 A traditional Jewish Friday bread rather like a Brioche.
Focaccia £3.00 1-2 Servings. £1 extra for toppings e.g tomato, olive, rosemary. Date, walnut & blue cheese
Mozzarella, capers, anchovies. Chorizo, Taleggio cheese. Fresh Fig, goats cheese, Marjoram.
Sausage Plaits £8.00 Crisp pastry & meaty, herby filling
Quiche £4.00/£7 Handmade with leek, bacon and cheese

Steak & Kidney £3.50/£8 Naturally reared meat from Brookfield Farm Butchery
Chicken Pie £3.00/7.50 Your choice of leek, ham, mushroom

French Apple Tarts £7.00 Beautifully glazed traditional tarts (16cm)
Fruit Tarts £3.50/£7 Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberries etc (8cm/16cm)
Pear Bordaloue £3.50/£7 Classic tart, pear & crème patesserie (8cm/16cm)

This is not a definitive menu. Please email me if you have any particular items you would like to request.