Cookisto / Year of the Dog Char Siu Pork with Egg Fried Rice & Spring Rolls

This week I'm cooking up a wonderfully aromatic pork dish with delicious egg fried rice and my own homemade spring rolls. We tend to think that all Chinese cuisine revolves around a wok, but this is pork loin marinated overnight in honey, bean curd and rice wine and roasted in the oven.

I don't eat out a great deal or have takeaways, particularly in local Chinese restaurants as the levels of MSG used are above my comfort levels. Also, I usually find Egg Fried Rice a disappointment, so over the years I have developed my own versions of some classic dishes. As I don't have a fierce enough flame for my wok, I make thin egg pancakes and slice them, thinly, into the rice at the end. This avoids a rather claggy mess of egg that destroys the texture of the rice and vegetables.

Spring Rolls are little parcels of crispy wrap and delicately flavoured veg. Well, they should be anyway. The last one I had put me off for life. I was visiting my Mother-in-Law in hospital and stopped off at a Chinese takeaway for a snack. I bit into the roll and squirted hot grease all over my clothes. Horrible, and never again. That was years ago and have never bought one since! They are relatively easy to make and great for mixing and matching flavours. I can't resist bean sprouts, soy sauce and a few noodles. Like the character from The Mikado - yum yum.

£8.50pp with a slice of Chinese Milk Bread. This is new for me so fingers crossed!