Cookisto / What a load of Chicken Cobblers

A bit of a spring cold spell and British classic - a cobbler. Cobbler is believed to come from the word Cobeler meaning 'wooden bowl'. I found that on Wiki, so it must be true. They also say that cobblers originated in the British American Colonies because the English settlers couldn't make a traditional suet crust, so topped the stew with biscuits or dumplings.

The modern day Cobbler has a topping more resembling a scone (fastest cake in the world? Ssssssssssssssscone. Geddit?). A sweet scone is perfect to eat with jam and cream, a savoury scone, particularly if its flavoured with a nice strong cheese, is a perfect partner for sauces and gravies. Cobblers can can be sweet or savoury, the filling can be fruit, fish, any type of meat and any flavour of scone. Cheese and herbs are my particular favourite.

I'm including potatoes in the cobbler to really take on the flavours, but I will be adding a side dish of honey roasted carrots and parsnips £8.00pp.

Friday night is Cobblers night!