Cookisto / West Country Faggots & Peas

This dish has been an all time favourites of my regular Cookistadors. . If you've not come across faggots before or you've been nervous about trying them (yes, they do have loads of that terrible stuff Offal in them) then now is the time to give them a try.

I make faggots the traditional way by wrapping the meaty filling in pig's caul, which is a lacy membrane that encases the animals internal organs. The caul not only keeps the meat in a neat ball but, as the faggot cooks, the caul melts into the meat, basting it naturally and adding an extra bomb of flavour.

The Raw Deal

The Raw Deal


Of course you can't have faggots without peas, mash and an unctuous onion gravy. Believe me, I'm not going to hide behind modesty, my onion gravy is one of the greats! Rich in wine, caramelised onions and homemade beef stock made from marrow bones, vegetables and aromatics reduced to a bouncy, quivering jelly. Stir that into your mash, its gravy heaven.

All the meat is naturally reared and supplied by Brookfield Farm Butchery at Aston End.

£8.50pp with a slice of Sherston Cottage Loaf from Aston Parish Bakery