Cookisto / Steak & Kidney Pie

The ultimate British winter warmer in August? I’ve had a heartfelt plea from regulars who are celebrating a big wedding anniversary. Melting, soft, naturally grown shin of beef (cooked on the bone) from cows reared locally. Beef kidney and mushrooms for flavour and, of course, plenty of red wine to enrich the sauce.

I make Rough Puff pastry made with butter and lard for that essential crispy, golden canopy. A pie like this needs little more than smooth, creamy Colcannon and a hunk of bread from Aston Parish Bakery to mop up that yummy gravy.

A real treat at £9.50pp - a duvet on a plate (there's some idiot who says things like that?). If you want to order bread, Forcaccia, Sausage Plait, of any other goodies, include it in your order.