Heritage flour, yeast, salt, water and that magic ingredient - time. Aston Parish Bakery produces naturally healthy *honest* breads.


Welcome to Aston Parish Bakery. 

I'm Diana Holba and I’ve been making scrumptious bread for many years. I am constantly fascinated by the way 5 simple ingredients interact in such complex ways - creating an astounding variety of breads.

My bakery offers a range of breads to order; from familiar, traditional 'everyday' loaves, to speciality breads for weekends and special events.

If you wish learn how to bake delicious bread, please sign up for my excellent value Bread Making Classes, where you will discover the art of kneading dough, the secrets of proving, shaping and baking techniques - resulting in deliciously tasty bread. 

Please contact honestbread@astonparishbakery.co.uk or call my mobile 07811 356046 bakery 01438 880415 to order bread and book a class.