Book one of my Bread Making Classes & learn how to make *honest* healthy bread. 


Bread is one of the oldest prepared foods, with nearly 30,000 years of recorded history, beginning with mankind extracting starch from plants and cooking it over a flat stone, now known as flatbread. With the rise of refined agriculture practice around 10,000 BC, grains became the mainstay of making bread as the grains' ubiquitous yeast spores allowed for dough left to rest to rise or to 'leaven' naturally.

My Bread Making Class is the ideal course for those who would like to bake healthy, honest bread, but have never tried making bread before, or had a go but ended up with loaves that are  'not quite right' .

You will learn to how to knead a basic dough, how the dough should 'feel' in hand and recognise how it behaves during various baking stages. These 3 essential skills require practice and are the core foundation of successful bread making - a tactile experience that you can never learn from books or YouTube.

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A little extra information - It is worth noting that relentless pursuit of profit has created a modern, deceptive bread industry - resulting with the majority of commercially available bread we consume today not only tasting rubbish but is full of rubbish. The Chorleywood Bread Process which has been used in this country since the 1960's, churns out bread of unparalleled tastelessness. It’s cheap to produce but, contrary to popular belief, contains many additives - including Flour Treatment Agent - which make this process possible.

Don't forget that healthy, honest bread requires 5 simple quality ingredients and loves to grow in 220ºc